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College admisson?

Can I get into any of these colleges with what i have right now?

3.3 gpa

2340 SAT I (780 each sec)

780 math, 780 Chemistry, 740 Physics (SAT II)

community service: 100+ hours

sports: moderate amount 10 hrs/wk of time

the colleges that i am looking at are:

1. suffolk university

2. northeastern university

3. boston university

4. emerson college

and just any other 4 yr colleges in mass.

can i get into any of these schools? what are some good recomendations?

College admisson?
Excluding your lower-end GPA, you are extremely competitive. Your extracirriculars are also a bit on the low side but your scores are phenomenal. I believe you will get in to all of the colleges you have listed. If you didn't have that lower GPA you could aim very top tier. I would suggest a few higher level schools that are pretty reasonable such as New York University (Outside of Mass, Yes), Williams (High reach for you), Amherst (High Reach as well),and Tufts (Reasonable reach, great school). I would mainly focus on NYU and Tufts if you are at all interested. Tufts is in Mass and is a great, great school. You should have a pretty good shot.
Reply:I agree with nate w. You should be fine at these schools, with BU probably being the toughest. And, you should shoot higher; Tufts is an excellent suggestion.

Did you take AP classes? If so, how many and what were your test scores? If you did very well, it could help mitigate your lower GPA.

Do you have leadership positions in your sports or clubs?

Do you think you'll have excellent letters of recommendation, with teachers talking up your intellectual potential, contribution to stimulating/thoughtful class discussion, etc.?

All of these things will help what looks to be a fairly solid foundation.

Good luck!
Reply:It looks really good. Stay on track, finish school. Make sure that you get some experience in your field before you graduate.
Reply:I got into northeastern with a 3.8 gpa, but only a 1980 SAT 1 score and almost no community service. so you'll almost deffinitely get into there, prolly BU too. it all depends though, good luck

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College worries?

an 21 and am going college in september but then al be 22 i live in the uk and most college are six form college so i dont know if am to old to go back to college what do you think

College worries?
I have been going on and off for years now. I am in the military and go to night school. Don't worry about your age and college. Matter of fact you will be more mature and probably do better.
Reply:dont weary

Age doesn't matters for going to the college

education is OK in any age
Reply:You're too old to go back if YOU think you are.

You're 21. Stop caring what other people think because it's your life.
Reply:Every day we are learning are teaching some one. Their is no age bar for education and happiness. Going to college is a pleasent experience never miss it for any thing.
Reply:Age doesnt matters for going to the college.never mind about it and do whatever you think.

College question?

Ok so I am preparing for a college/University and i want a college/University that provides excellence in the field of "business" such as CEO's and other high ranking business profession, i want to get a master's degree in business and i need a help for college ideas, and this college/University can be any one in the United States or Canada, thank you!!!

College question?
Most universities in the United States offer an MBA (Master's in Business Administration) program. You can find some in any state or province!

But first, you have to take four years of undergraduate school. You don't have to get your MBA at the same school you get your undergrad degree in. In fact, most people don't!

If you're interested in warmer weather, my school, the University of North Florida, has a great nationally-ranked College of Business. (I think it's 5th in the nation.) The school is mid-sized, so your classes won't be huge. They will range from 30-40 people for your upper level business classes to 200 for your General Education science classes. (General Ed meaning everyone has to take those classes, regardless of major.) That really isn't too big! The teachers LOVE it when you visit them during their office hours and are incredibly helpful. The school is on a nature preserve, so it's very pretty (not a concrete jungle) and offers SO many opportunities for extracirriculars and leadership. They also have a FANTASTIC national business organization. As an added bonus, it's only about 10-15 minutes away from a beautiful beach!

But if you don't want to be so far from Canada, you'll be able to to find another university easily. Good luck!
Reply:Virginia Tech... check out Pamplin College of Business...

Of course, I am biased.... Go HOKIES!!!!

College Dream vs. Parents?

I've wanted to go to ivy league since 6th grade (esp Princeton), and I 've been thinking about college for as long as I can remember. My mom has always known this but now that I'm 2 years away from college she's very upset by my college preferences. She thinks I wanna go just for the schools' prestige. She asks me why I want to go, and I really can't give her a straight answer, but its in my heart. What do I do, because she suddenly decided she doesn't want what i want, and, like most parents, mine are paying for tuition. I know ivy league is a lot, but my older brother and sister never went to college like expected, so really they have caught a tuition break.... Any advice or comments from a third party with no emotional involvement in this would be nice. Thanks!!!

College Dream vs. Parents?
Well, the first thing I should say is, Ivy League schools do not cost any more than other private schools do.

Yes, they do cost more than in-state tuition at your own state's university. But they don't cost more than other private schools.

Since you mention Princeton, you should be aware that Princeton, Harvard, and Yale in particular have very generous financial aid programs, because (1) these schools are very rich and (2) these schools are always fighting with each other to attract the best students, and generous financial aid is one way to compete.

So, if your parents are middle-class, and you can get into Princeton, it would probably be cheaper for you to go to Princeton (after getting financial aid grants) than to go to another private school--say, NYU. It probably won't be cheaper than the in-state tuition at Rutgers or SUNY, but it might well be cheaper than the out-of-state tuition at public schools as well.

But, if your parents are really rich ($200K+ household income salary), you probably won't get very much financial aid, and your parents would be paying as much for you to go to Princeton than to go to NYU--not MORE than NYU, but as much as as. And it would be more than going to your own state's university for in-state tuition.

So, now that I've addressed the money issue, it sounds like you also have concerns about why you want to go to Princeton and/or another Ivy. You do need to ask yourself why you want to do this. Prestige is a legitimate reason, but it should not be your only reason to choose a school.

Look at the website and brochures for Princeton and the other Ivies, considering factors like (1) school size (2) geography (3) availability of your desired major(s) (4) clubs/extracurricular opportunities available (5) personal feeling of "fit." Then look at the websites and brochures for some other schools, and see if Princeton actually stands out to you. If so, identify WHAT factors (other than prestige) you like about Princeton and/or the other Ivies.

If you can identify specific, concrete things you like, you can tell your mother about them the next time she asks, and it won't seem as much like you're obsessed with prestige.

And if prestige is a factor--there is also a practical spin to it. Going to a well-respected school can help you get a high-paying job or get into a good grad school. Assuming you get good grades. So, there is a practical reason for going ot an Ivy as well--not for the "prestige" per se, but for the job opportunities and the salary that the school's reputation will buy you.

For me, I attended college at Yale and am now in law school at Harvard. My dad was initially p!ssed when I wanted to go to an Ivy, but when I applied for financial aid and showed him that it was actually cheaper for me to go to Yale (after financial aid grants) than to go to a good state school like Berkeley or UCLA, he said that it was OK for me to go to Yale. And now he's proud of me for doing it because he likes to show off to his friends. (The showing off, I think, is obnoxious. But he did pay a lot of my college tuition bill, so maybe he deserves to "get his money's worth" in his own eyes.)

So, that's my answer to your decision/choice question. If you want advice on how to GET IN to an Ivy, you can take a look at these other related questions on Yahoo Answers:;...;...;...
Reply:Your mother really isn't being unreasonable to ask you WHY you want this. If she is contemplating having to pay potentially twice as much as she would have to pay for you to go elsewhere, she needs to understand that this is more than just some kind of a fantasy for you. That's where you come in. You really need to sit down and write out exactly why you DO want to go there. Is there something in particular there that you like, or is it that the sound of the words "Princeton" and "Ivy League" appeal to you? I wouldn't want to pay an additional $80,000 or so for that reason either. She hasn't said no; she just wants to make sure that if you make that your goal, you do so for realistic purposes.

Is there a specific subject matter that you want to study that you can best study there? Is it that you really want NOT to be the smartest person in the class for a change? Is it because you think there will be some special opportunities available to you there that are not available to you elsewhere? Have you been to Princeton and fallen in love with the campus?
Reply:I work near Princeton University. I know a lot of graduates and some professors. It all depends what you want to study, and in certain areas Princeton is No. 1 or 2 in the field. A Princeton degree gets you noticed by top employers. But you need super good grades and SAT scores to get in. If you have that, they will make sure you can afford to attend and give you scholarships and grants. So follow your dreams and good luck!
Reply:Always stick with what you want in your heart, and follow your dreams. If this is what makes you happy, then why not go for it? You should also apply to a couple other universities that are easier to get into, and if/when you get into one of your dream schools, then your parents will know that you belong there, and they will respect your decision.
Reply:For the love of God, man... DO the research! If you can get into an Ivy League school, then you would be far better off. (If not, EVERYONE would be going to them!)

Send away for pamphlits and brochures, get your teachers involved. Odds are, if your grades are well enough to get into one of these schools, you will be eligable for a scholership and tuition assistance.

I live in NY, but my wife and I drive straight through Princton on our way to PA for the big Wizerd World Convention in Philly. It is a beautiful college!

So get a move on, and show your mom you are dead serios! Good Luck!
Reply:If it's your dream, you should really tell her, and go for it! Being able to get into Princeton is a great accomplishment, and she should be proud of you for it. And she probably will be if you get in. Fill out an application, and once she sees that you got in, she can't deny. It's a prestigious school, and you've worked hard for it. Good luck.
Reply:First of all, how do you even know if you'll get into Princeton? They reject over 90% of their applicants!

So we can't assume you'll even get in until you provide us information which may allow us to think otherwise.

In response to your question, I would say.. follow your dreams, but have backups when they fail. In other words, have some safety schools.
Reply:First, it seems that you pick the school because they are "prestige" school rather than picking a school base on career choice. However, I'm not trying to change your mind. There are plenty of schools out there that are not IVY league. First, its good to have a top knotch school that you want, and aim for it. However, do keep in mind that there are thousands of others competiting with you, so you have to be outstanding. Maintain a 3.6+ unweighted gpa, join plenty of clubs at schools, volunteer at your community's hospital, animal shelter, etc, and helpout at your school. Be a leader of a club, etc. Have good recommendation, great essay, have very high SAT/ACT. SAT around 2000s, ACT around 30s. That will keep you above the norm. Also, yes it is very hard to get accepted and the tuition can be $50,000 a year for some like Princeton, Yale, Harvard, etc. However, there are loans, and grants, but you really don't want to be in debt when you're barely 20 years old once you're out. Save money for graduate school. There first 4 years undergrad isn't really that important, and as long as you go to an accredited college, maintain the grades, you can apply and get into a great graduated college. So, follow your heart, but be wise, have other options other than the "prestige" school, and going to a state school is still great. Some that aren't ivy are UCLA, Wash U, Duke, Emory, etc. Good luck
Reply:There has to be some giving and taking here. In the end your mom will b happy that you went out and got agood education unlike your brother and sister. And yes 50k peope apply and only 5k are accepted so until your a genius or a minority that is borderline genius than you better keep all your opions open instead of banking solely on one school. Good Luck!

Older College Students?

There are college students who are over 50 years old. My question to college students over 50 is:

What is the MAIN REASON for going to college after a certain age, say, 50, 55, 60, 65, etc?

What are you trying to prove?

I read about an 80-year old women taking differential equations at a local NYC college.

What does an 80-year old woman want with a college degree?

Older College Students?
Maybe they never had the opportunity to pursue a college education when they were younger. Military and familial obligations; possibly, financial restraints may have hampered higher education.

And, some of us like to continue our education because the old addage, "knowledge is power," still rings true. Some of us like to be kept entertained, challenged and happen to thrive in arenas of academia.

Btw, I'm only 25, but my godmother is over the age of 50 and enjoys going back to school to obtain another degree.
Reply:education for education's sake.

maybe they want to learn. education isn't just for getting the diploma and getting the job.

i had a classmate some semesters ago that was 60+ years old. she wanted to continue her bachelor degree because she was forced to stop when she was young for financial and family issues. but now that all her kids have their own families, she has time to study again.

i think it is very admirable when elder people still want to study or pursue higher studies. :D
Reply:I am over 50, retired and doing it purely for the fun of it.


Reply:it's called accomplishing more in your life.
Reply:To enhance the skills or career they have to earn their full potential. However, your only as old as you feel but at any age it becomes a new personal challenge. Also, you never stop learning, if u do you will be living in ignorance. most of times some never got the opportunity. don't criticize you should recognize!
Reply:Maybe the 20 does it for money and the eighty does it for the sake of education.
Reply:Education is valued by many people. We're always learning, so what difference does it make to you whether we choose to learn in a classroom at a university, or through another venue? We don't care if you learn, so why should care if we learn? It seems you are rather selfish to think that college is only for 20 somethings. Our brains haven't fallen out yet, so what are we to do with them if you won't let us learn any more?

Delete this, but man! This is one of the most stupid questions I've ever seen here. Totally nuts!!!

(And just think....I'm not 80 or 90. I'd whomp you with my cane if I were.) ;-) LOL
Reply:There are many reasons why someone over 50 attends school. It could be that they always wanted to learn more on a subject, it could be that they always wanted a post secondary degree and it's never too late, it could be that they can now afford to attend, it could be a means to get out of the house and be social, or it could be because they want to keep their minds sharp!

There is a client that comes to the office I work in - and in his 50's he decided to go back to law school because it's something he's always wanted to do. He is now working in law and doesn't have any plans to retire. I can see him working into his 70's just because he now really truly enjoys what he is doing.

Anyone who has a desire to learn and expand their horizons should have that ability regardless of age. I am 33 and continuing my education - I'm doing it because I've always wanted a university degree and the area that I'm studying is of interest to me. It may open the doors to job opportunities down the road. I've always loved being a student and I've finished 4 college level programs so far. I'm now taking university - because it keeps my brain sharp.

Is your concern that these older students are taking up spots that younger students should have? Education is a great thing regardless of age.
Reply:I guess for self fulfillment and gratification.

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College question ??

which college is the better one: CUNY CIty college or Queens college. please don't tell me to look at their website,i already did. opinion, which college is the better one.

College question ??
To be honest no college is exactly better than the other they all have the same goal. But some are actually better than the other. This question is mostly something u have to answer for yourself. Which one do you see yourself going to, which one matches your needs more.

College- does it make you "smarter"?

Do you think college makes you smarter or just helps you along that route? my boyfriend never went to college and hes a lot more educated and has the ability to reason than most college graduates. sometimes i feel like he is beyond my thinking, and i have a college education.

College- does it make you "smarter"?
No, it doesn't. What it does do is expose you to many thoughts you may not encounter outside of college. So you end up with some new mental "tools" to work with. My dad left school in the 6th grade yet was one of the brightest people I ever met. There is a big difference between being educated and being smart. I've known more then a couple people with master degrees that had the common sense and reasoning abilities of a box of rocks.
Reply:College doesn't make you smarter. It gives you knowledge, experience, and maybe wisdom.
Reply:College doesn't make you 'smarter'; it gives you the skills you need to become want you want to become. You still have knowledge and are smart if you don't go to college, but you might lack some important skills...
Reply:That depends on what you mean by smarter. Will it increase your IQ - maybe. Will it increase your knowledge - FOR SURE. Wil it give you experiences that you can never get from simply reading - FOR SURE.


Reply:College doesn't exactly make you "smarter," it just prepares you for whatever you choose to do after college. And that's only if you do what you went to school for. There are plenty of smart people out there who didn't go to college and are very intelligent, and succeed in life. The bottom line is that if you have a desire to learn and further your knowledge, you don't necessarily need to go to college to do it (unless your future job requires it).
Reply:If you pay for college yourself, then you will get smarter
Reply:The only thing I learned in collage was how to drink more. And it took all four years!
Reply:College doesn't make a person smarter.. but it does offer different opportunities and experiences. I believe I'm intelligent, and I believe that I've been this way my whole life, with or without college. Your bf is just an intelligent person, and he'll be that way with or without a college education. =)
Reply:College only makes your poorer.
Reply:College doesn't make you smarter-- but it DOES give you a piece of paper that proves you know how to learn.